Borobudur International Seminar on Heritage Conservation

“The Role of Borobudur Conservationists on the International Scene: 20 Years Reflection after Indonesia Restoration Project in Angkor (ITASA 1994-2000)”


Borobudur Conservation Office are pleased to announce Borobudur International Seminar on Heritage Conservation (BOISHC 2020). We invites students, professionals, conservators and archeologists from all around the world to attend the seminar. The seminar will be implemented remotely by utilizing digital technology using a webinar platform. Borobudur Conservation Office will host the webinar while the speakers and participants will join from their respective places.

This year 2020 coincides with the 20th year of completion of the Indonesian assistance project known as ITASA (Indonesia Technical Assistance for Safeguarding Angkor) in 1994-1999. The project was very successful in restored three temples (The Royal Palace Gate in Angkor Thom area), as well as the development of local human resources. It is unfortunate that this program was forced to stop due to the monetary crisis in Indonesia until 2000 implemented the inauguration of the closure of the project. The experience of these international projects is very important information for the current generation to improve insight and knowledge.


Speakers and Topics :

  1. Indonesian Cultural Diplomacy for ASEAN Cultural Heritage
    Speaker : Hilmar Farid, PhD – Director General of Culture, Ministry of Education and Culture Indonesia
  2. Indonesian Diplomacy Policy for Safeguarding Angkor
    Speaker : Prof. Dr. Ing Wardiman Djojonegoro – Minister of Education and Culture 1993-1998
  3. Indonesian Cultural Diplomacy Policy
    Speaker : Dr. Restu Gunawan, M.Hum – Director of Cultural Development and Utilization, Ministry of Education and Culture Indonesia
  4. Angkor and the World: A Historical Perspective
    Speaker : Prof. Ashley Thompson – Department of History of Art and Archaeology, School of Arts SOAS
  5. Angkor Under Covid-19: Present and Future Collaboration
    Speaker : Dr. Masanori Nagaoka – Culture Program Officer, UNESCO Office Phnom Penh
  6. Indonesia-Cambodia Cooperation in Cultural Preservation
    Speaker : Y.M. Sudirman Haseng – Ambassador of the Republic of Indonesia in Phnom Penh
  7. Preservation of Cultural Landscape: Opportunities and Challenges
    Speaker : Yunus Arbi, M.A – ICOMOS Indonesia
  8. Cross Cultural Heritage in Southeast Asia
    Speaker : Prof. Dr. Agus Aris Munandar, M.Hum – University of Indonesia
  9. ITASA Project Implementation Experience
    Speaker : Ismiyono – ITASA project member – Indonesia
  10. Implementation Experience and Human Resources Development Results from ITASA Project
    Speaker : Yim Sararith – ITASA project member – Cambodia (Deputy Director General)
  11. Project for International Cooperation at APSARA Authority
    Speaker : Tan Sophal * – APSARA National Authority (Deputy Department of Conservation and Preservation Angkor)
    * in confirmation
  12. Application of Conservation Technology in German-Cambodian Cooperation Project in Angkor
    Speaker : Prof. Hans Leisen – GACP (German-APSARA Conservation Project)
  13. Aplication of Conservation Science in Japan-Apsara Safeguarding Angkor Project
    Speaker : Prof. Toshiya Matsui – JASA / Tsukuba University
  14. Development of Conservation of Cultural Heritage at Borobudur Conservation Office
    Speaker : Nahar Cahyandaru, S.Si.,M.A – Borobudur Conservation Office

To support this activity, additional online events will be held, namely :

  1. Virtual Exhibition with the theme ”Borobudur Laboratory: a contribution from Indonesia to cultural heritage in Southeast Asia“
  2. Virtual Tour Borobudur-Angkor with the theme “The Influence of Borobudur Architecture on Temples in Angkor, Is There Evidence?”

The seminar will be held on November 10 – 11, 2020 using Zoom Webinar application. Please make sure to register yourself before November 9, 2020. For more information about registration, please visit here

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